All About Rosalea.

Hello, My name is Rosalea. I am 3 and a half years old. I have blondish hair and the brightest blue eyes which help me get away with murder, literally like I pulled the head off my Barbie and I didn't get told off. I like long walks in the park...only joking I don't walk like excuse me these legs are made for running. I used to live with mom in her moms house which is my nanny but then we moved out and we started our own family.

 I have a princess castle ball pit so all of my balls can not go in there because I like to throw them around the room and I hide little Rosalea everywhere which will make my mom run around like crazy when I am crying for her and I would secretly know where they are. ;)

I am a crazy child, I run into doors, climb out of my high chair, chase the cat, run away from the cat climb into my pushchair and sometimes I put the cat in the pushchair and walk around with her in the pushchair.

When I sleep all I can hear is Shawn Mendes playing and mommy singing Stitches she loves Shawn Mendes.

I don't really know what else to tell you because if you keep up to date with the blog I do weekly updates on how it is a struggle to be a toddler so you will find out loads more about me on there but I have to go now mommy is off to work and I need to give her a love and kiss. Farewell enjoy the blog.

Mwah x

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