All About Leanne.

Hello, my name is Leanne. I am 19 and mother to Rosalea. I grew up in Bromford with my mom, 2 sisters and little brother. Dad was a waste of space which you will see the same happens in Rosaleas story as well. Men are not mine and Rosaleas fort.

I became pregnant with Rosalea after a Halloween party, yeah not classy but it was my first time and I just went with the flow. I obviously told the person who I had sex with what happened, he asked for an abortion I said no, he said he'll be there and I thought great at least she'll have a dad. Then as you can expect he started rumours saying how she wasn't his and all that jazz. I lost friends because they licked his bum so much he could poo clear for the rest of his life but I also gained friends, don't get me wrong I lost more than I gained like I literally have less than 10 friends maybe less than 5 but they are the ones that count; the ones that stuck with me.

I was pregnant with Rosalea during sixth form and I stuck with it up until I had her in July, I then went back in mid September to finish the second year. I applied for University and got offered four unconditional offers, I chose to do Children and Integrated at Birmingham City but unfortunately I was diagnosed with Postnatal depression and was advised by the doctor, counsellor and head of course to have a year break. I've decided I won't be going back to uni, not because of the depression but just because I didn't like it. Some people like uni some don't and I have come to conclusion that I don't, I am much happier spending the day with my daughter.

I have my family, my daughter and my lovlely boyfriend that is all the support I need. 

So that is pretty much the download about me thank you for reading. Farewell for now.

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