What shall I call this post?

Hellooooo Strugglers,

What a lovely few weeks its been, however I think mommy is getting fed up of bump fighting in her belly hehe. Mommys whole stomach moves when baby decides to stretch or move it's so cool to watch and feel.

Currently I am listening to How far I'll go because who doesn't like Moana...

See the line where the sky meets the sea? It caaaalls me and no one knooows how far it gooooeesss!

June was fun filled to say the least, Jase came back so we spent a lot of time with him and here and there we caught a glimpse of sun which is quite rare here apparently. Nanny, Patch, Mommy, Jase and I all went to the Black Country Museum and it was aaaa-mazing we went through a dark tunnel on a boat and started dancing; I had a big cookie which i didn't finish which doesn't sound like me I know but I'm only little remember and I had to save room for the fish and chips.

We went out for lots of meals because Jase likes to treat us and I always get pudding which is a bonus! When it was sunny we played a lot in the garden and in the pool, I played with playdoh, rode my bike (because I can do that now) and made lots of pretty pictures. I love being artistic It's in my blood.

OH MY GOSH! I forgot to tell you! I went and saw Peppa Pig and George and had photos with them! I loved it and the obviously loved me too because everyone else does. We also went to see Tillie, Kyle, Lexi and baby Kayla. Kayla had started crawling well kind of crawling more like kick her legs and hope for the best but now she can crawl which is so good.

Mommy was thinking of getting me the weekend box which is a box of crafts to do over the weekend if it wasn't obvious enough. Sometimes you get baking stuff, green stuff like things to do with plants and gardening. However mommy buys me colouring pencils, paints, chalk, paper, stickers, seeds and we bake our own stuff so we are wondering if it's worth it really because mommy can get all of the stuff she does now for the same price as one of the boxes where you get two things from :/ I'm sure mommy will figure something out though she always does in the end.

Anyway I think I shall be leaving you all to your cuppas, farewell for now Strugglers.

Mwah x.

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