May, May, May

Hellooooo Strugglers,

We've been busy, we've been ill, we've been away, I think the only thing we haven't done is partied which is quite sad to be fair but considering baby is nearly here I think partying is out of the question really. Mommy can't keep running around after me all of the time even with Jase's help.

For two weeks in May we went to Jase's mommies house in Sunderland. I was a good girl on the coach when going there which was 5 and a half hours long (too long if you ask mommy). I watched Peppa Pig, had a nap, ate lunch from my Paw Patrol lunchbox, coloured in and played on mommies Nintendo DS it was a fun journey. Once we got there I pretty much made myself at home as you do, I drank their milk, ate their food, took over the TV by watching Peppa Pig I even had my own bedroom thanks to Jase's mommy and daddy however I did refuse to sleep until half 11 at night so for most of the night I sat with mommy and Jase and watched films with them two. The net day though Jase took us around a park where we played and saw the duckies (as you are all aware I love animals) It was quite windy but warm so we decided that the day after we would go the seaside, unfortunately the tide was in so it was all stoney but I still had fun throwing stones into the sea and collecting shells. We went to the park again after the seaside because I wouldn't stop talking about the park and then went back home to play building blocks and have a bath then go to bed.

Too much happened in Sunderland to go into a lot of detail basically we spent most of our days out, at the park, shopping, having picnics, going to museums which was quite fun; there was a dinosaur area which I loved because George loves Dinosaurs raaaawwwrrr. I do miss it there but we will go back soon for a holiday once my little sister comes along, she needs to hurry up though because she's been inside mommies belly button for ages now. Once we got back to our home Jase had to leave the day after for work so we had to drop him off back to the coach but it was nice that he came home with us to help with the bags hehe.

One day we was meant to go see my aunties and uncle so mommy dressed me up really cute but then they had to work too so nanny took me for food instead. Mommy and I also bought little miss some clothes and started to get even more excited about her arrival, mommy bought me clothes too because I'm the best. We saw Tillie and the kids a few times in May I love going to see them although me and Lexi are bad at sharing. One of the days my Uncle Patch stayed at ours and I crashed my dollies pushchair into my bike that Patch was riding. The last day in May Jase came back to us! We went to the hospital for mommies blood tests and then we went to McDonalds and then played outside in our back garden. I miss them sunny days.

Well that's it for May, told we had been busy. Thanks for reading though if you're still with us haha.

Farewell for now,

Mwah x.

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