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Poorly Mommy :(

Hey Strugglers :(,

Sorry I have been away for so long. My mommy has been extra poorly for the last two and half months :'(. She tries so hard to look after me and daddy while working two jobs and dealing with the council and HMRC. Like she applied for working tax in May because her wages don't help that much and they gave her some bull story about how their services was down. She did put her foot down though by getting in touch with the local MP #Don'tmesswiththemomma.

So really the last two and half months have been okay. Apart from mom being really sick and stressed I still have had a good time :). I'm a child so I'm allowed to have a good time while everyone around me isn't. Mommy had a viral infection for a month which turned into Sinusitis and a lip infection, mommys lip literally blew up like a balloon and she wouldn't leave the house with a blown up lip. Big balloon, big balloon, bigger than the sun and moooon. Sorry, you've got to love that Pepp…