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Sad news

Hellooo Strugglers,

Oh my gosh right yeah Monday night I stayed at nannys all by myself! I was such a big girl I didn't even cry when mommy and daddy left. Mommy had to work Tuesday morning so nanny said she'll look after me to give mommy a rest so mommy and daddy left when bedtime hour was on and I went straight to sleep.

Tuesday daddy came to nannys to see me while mommy was at work and then mommy came after and we all stayed the night there together. Wednesday I went to see my other nanny and uncle P and my aunties, I didn't see one of my aunties for long because she had to go work but nanny bought be a baby boy doll and I fed him and put him night night. We all went home that night and when bedtime hour had finished I did a jigsaw puzzle with daddy and went straight to sleep. During the night though I had a night terror so I woke up screaming for mommy. Mommy and daddy both looked after me and cuddled me until I went to sleep.

Unfortunately because I had a night terror…

Duckies :D

Helloooo Strugglers,

Week 2nd May- 8th

I have been so busy lately chilling in the sun. It's amazing how suddenly the weather changes though like at  first it was snowing in April then raining and then we get a blast of sunshine for like 3 days, talk about English weather all right.

Anyway bank holiday Monday was so boring, there was nothing to do which is why I really hate bank holiday what made it worse was mommy was meant to get paid on Sunday from work but the bank wouldn't let her boss transfer her the money which is lame so we couldn't do anything anyway.

Tuesday mommy had work and we had our new bed come well not my bed but mommys and daddys. Our new sofa was meant to be coming but they couldn't get it up the stairs so they had to come back Saturday and do it. Wednesday me and mommy went to her work and had breakfast but I didn't eat my pancakes so we then went to park and fed them to the duckies and they went "quack quack quack" and then we went to…


Helloooo Strugglers,

Sorry it's late, it does seem to be a recurring thing with me doesn't it. Ooops. I do get fed up of apologising for posting late but mommy can't help working, cooking, cleaning, playing with me all the time and sleeping so I have given up on apologising because as harsh as it sounds I am not sorry, if it means mommy spending her time playing with me and bringing in the money then that is what I choose over blogging. I think as long as I do blog when we have time then that is all good.

This post is for the week starting 25th April 2016.

Anyway it's time for the update Monday night we stayed at nannys again, I do that a lot now because it is quite fun. It was daddys birthday week so I wrote daddy a nice card on Tuesday morning and hid it so you couldn't get it until his birthday. Once I had hid it mommy took me to the park and I went on a biiiig slide all by myself because I'm a big girl.

Wednesday we went home where I thought it would be fun…