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Christmas! Vanoss! Toys!

Helloooo Strugglers,
Soooo it happened… Christmas happened! It did, it really did I can not believe it’s over already. #Sosad 
Christmas is a time to be around chocolate hehe just like Easter but a bit less expensive. Like Christmas chocolate is always a little less expensive than Easter and what’s even better is when Christmas is over and you can get chocolate reindeers for 25p.
Right now I am sitting here watching Vanoss’ new video, I do love my funny gaming videos they cheer me up especially when I’m stressing mommy out so she just sits there and puts Vanoss on to calm me and herself down because she loves his videos too but we do not discriminate as we love all of their videos including Wildcat, Mini Ladd and Lui Calibre like oh my gosh I love it when he uses his voice changing thingy and he sounds like a child because I can totally relate to him you know.
Anyway this week we just spent our Christmas at home, mommy made us a full English after opening our presents and then we …

It's nearly Christmas!

Helloooo Strugglers,
Only a few days left until Christmas!!! Who is excited?! I know I am I literally can not wait. The favourite time of Christmas is opening my new pyjamas on Christmas Eve and then putting the milk and cookies out for Santa oh and I also like waking up in the morning and spending all of Christmas Day in my pyjamas. #Cosy
Oh my gosh right the other day me and Tom was playing hide and seek and I found the best hiding place ever! Tom couldn’t find me hehe until he said “Rosalea where are you?” and I said “HERE! Hi!”. It was so fun.
We have nearly finished our Christmas shopping all we need to get now is nanny another present and mommies friend Sophie a few more presents. We also need to get a cake for Christmas day for after our dinner.
Imagine the post on Christmas Day like if I’m excited now wait until Christmas day! HO, HO, HO.
Currently at this moment in time I have decided to have a full blown temper tantrum in my room, all I’m doing is crying and screaming …

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Hellooo parents/guardians of strugglers and little strugglers,

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Mwah x.

The days fly by...

Helloooo Strugglers,
So as I now have a laptop for a while until it breaks like every other laptop I will now post a lot more frequent.
Lets jump straight into it then, since I last posted I have stayed at nannies, when I got there nanny had bought me a Sofia the Princess book and a My Little Pony tea set aren’t I spoilt hehe.
So mommy and Tommy went out for her old work leaving meal/Christmas meal and didn’t enjoy it apparently. Mommy said seeing her friends again were fun but it was a bit boring and the food wasn’t great. Tom didn’t eat anything. They both went to McDonalds after and shared the massive box of nuggets with each other on the bus home. #LittleCuties.
Mommy and Tommy came to pick me up Sunday morning and decided to take uncle P home with us. We went to Granddads to make his breakfast and cuppa, then we went to shop to get granddad toilet roll and we did our food shop and mommy bought us sausage rolls from Greggs and cookies. Mmmm cookies. Tommy ate mommy’s sausage …

Sleep is overrated anyway...

Hello struggling parents,
Last night had to be one of the worst night sleeps I have had this week and that is saying something because this week I have not slept a wink. Every single night it's been a half 9 night time consisting of tossing and turning, waking up to stare at the ceiling and a couple of midnight snacks.
So let’s talk about last night, although it was one of the worst sleeps it was the best night I’ve had in a while. I went to bed at half 9 only for my friend to call me two hours later which then woke me up for the night really, I then stupidly spent an hour staring around the room needing a wee but deciding whether or not to get out of bed to go for a wee. I eventually got up at half 12 in the night to go for the wee, then I climbed back into bed and decided to wake my boyfriend up to tell him I was going downstairs to watch TV hoping he would wake up too and come down with me but he was still half asleep when I told him so he went back to sleep.
I went downsta…

Eurgh! Life!

Hello Struggling parents,

I know it has been a while and I am sorry for that, it is sad to say that my laptop which I did use is now dead. *cue the violins* Lenny the laptop lasted me the best part of half a year at first but I got him fixed for him to then break on me completely in July. I couldn’t turn him on anymore he just wasn’t in the mood. This really isn’t a mommy hack this is more of a mommy rant shall I say.

So my life since July has been a massive fuck up. Yeah Rosalea’s birthday went well but no one from my family turned up for her. Don’t get me wrong she has her aunts and uncle there and Nan and granddad but that’s because they live there anyway. The only person from outside of family home who turned up was my cousin, yeah her family were on holiday that’s fine I understand that but where was everyone else? Did they tell me they were going away? No. Did they tell me they were busy that day? No. So where were they?

That is one fuck up, now onto the second. That idiot n…

Wow, finally I am back.

Hellloooo Strugglers,

I am terribly sorry for leaving you all so sudden but unfortunately mommy’s laptop broke and we didn't have the money to buy another until now really but even this little laptop is old like it's on something called "windows XP", I did not know there was ever such a thing.

So major news! The person who stepped up to be my dad left.


He just got up one day and stayed the night at another girl and never came back. To be quite honest I do not mind, things were bad, really bad. My mommy was not the mommy who I thought she was, she changed, I changed, he changed; Life happened.

I am still going to keep up the blog posts which mention him and the photos with him in because he was a part of the story of my life and always will be whether things were good or bad.

So throughout the time that I have been away I have grown, a lot. I've even started nursery and potty training how good am I! I'm like well proud of myself but last night I took my…

Poorly Mommy :(

Hey Strugglers :(,

Sorry I have been away for so long. My mommy has been extra poorly for the last two and half months :'(. She tries so hard to look after me and daddy while working two jobs and dealing with the council and HMRC. Like she applied for working tax in May because her wages don't help that much and they gave her some bull story about how their services was down. She did put her foot down though by getting in touch with the local MP #Don'tmesswiththemomma.

So really the last two and half months have been okay. Apart from mom being really sick and stressed I still have had a good time :). I'm a child so I'm allowed to have a good time while everyone around me isn't. Mommy had a viral infection for a month which turned into Sinusitis and a lip infection, mommys lip literally blew up like a balloon and she wouldn't leave the house with a blown up lip. Big balloon, big balloon, bigger than the sun and moooon. Sorry, you've got to love that Pepp…

Sad news

Hellooo Strugglers,

Oh my gosh right yeah Monday night I stayed at nannys all by myself! I was such a big girl I didn't even cry when mommy and daddy left. Mommy had to work Tuesday morning so nanny said she'll look after me to give mommy a rest so mommy and daddy left when bedtime hour was on and I went straight to sleep.

Tuesday daddy came to nannys to see me while mommy was at work and then mommy came after and we all stayed the night there together. Wednesday I went to see my other nanny and uncle P and my aunties, I didn't see one of my aunties for long because she had to go work but nanny bought be a baby boy doll and I fed him and put him night night. We all went home that night and when bedtime hour had finished I did a jigsaw puzzle with daddy and went straight to sleep. During the night though I had a night terror so I woke up screaming for mommy. Mommy and daddy both looked after me and cuddled me until I went to sleep.

Unfortunately because I had a night terror…

Duckies :D

Helloooo Strugglers,

Week 2nd May- 8th

I have been so busy lately chilling in the sun. It's amazing how suddenly the weather changes though like at  first it was snowing in April then raining and then we get a blast of sunshine for like 3 days, talk about English weather all right.

Anyway bank holiday Monday was so boring, there was nothing to do which is why I really hate bank holiday what made it worse was mommy was meant to get paid on Sunday from work but the bank wouldn't let her boss transfer her the money which is lame so we couldn't do anything anyway.

Tuesday mommy had work and we had our new bed come well not my bed but mommys and daddys. Our new sofa was meant to be coming but they couldn't get it up the stairs so they had to come back Saturday and do it. Wednesday me and mommy went to her work and had breakfast but I didn't eat my pancakes so we then went to park and fed them to the duckies and they went "quack quack quack" and then we went to…


Helloooo Strugglers,

Sorry it's late, it does seem to be a recurring thing with me doesn't it. Ooops. I do get fed up of apologising for posting late but mommy can't help working, cooking, cleaning, playing with me all the time and sleeping so I have given up on apologising because as harsh as it sounds I am not sorry, if it means mommy spending her time playing with me and bringing in the money then that is what I choose over blogging. I think as long as I do blog when we have time then that is all good.

This post is for the week starting 25th April 2016.

Anyway it's time for the update Monday night we stayed at nannys again, I do that a lot now because it is quite fun. It was daddys birthday week so I wrote daddy a nice card on Tuesday morning and hid it so you couldn't get it until his birthday. Once I had hid it mommy took me to the park and I went on a biiiig slide all by myself because I'm a big girl.

Wednesday we went home where I thought it would be fun…

Letting go

Hello Struggling parents,

Today is a serious subject some of you may agree with my views some may not but either way it has to be posted.

Over the past week me and partner have had family disagreements shall we say with some people in his family. One of my bad traits is that I have so much patience for people but if you keep pushing me and pushing sooner or later I will snap and when I do snap I tend to be very brutally honest with people.

Some people find it hard to handle the truth but to be fair that isn't my problem and if you can't handle the truth then really you shouldn't dish out stuff you can't take yourself it's that simple. So because I told people the truth they said to not bother with them any more which is fine by me because all me and partner did was try to make effort with them.

You see me and my partner would always try to meet up with this individual when we was free to try and see them but they would always cancel plans at the last minute and mak…

Just Chilling

Helloooo Strugglers,

Yes yes I know it isn't Sunday and that this is actually 2 days late but oh well a toddler has to to toddle. I keep doing this to you don't I, I know it's bad of me but mommy is pretty much always working on a Sunday so we may have to change the update day or you could just keep checking up on the page and hope that I've posted :). That seems like the easier option; for me.

Mommy didn't work last Monday so we went to visit the nannys and the grandads which I really enjoy, I played with my Uncle P and then went to play with Arya by the time I got home I was KO I nearly fell asleep in the taxi I was that tired. Tuesday we had to go out again because the crazy lady started acting up so we left the house and didn't go home until ages after.

Wednesday mommy worked so I went the park with daddy and we ran around scaring the birds it was so much fun that even Thursday I did it again muahaha. Thursday evening once mommy finished work we went to nan…

No rest for the wicked

Hellooo Strugglers,

I'm just going to jump right into this because I am super duper tired, I just really wish I could have a rest like everyday I get tired so easily and sometimes daddy won't even let me nap! How cruel is he.

So mommy has decided that from now on she will try to get me to pee-pee and poop into a little seat called a potty, this will be interesting...

This time I am not even going to apologise for blogging late, yesterday mommy literally came home from work just before the bedtime hour started, had a bath once bedtime hour had finished and then went to bed just after half 8.

Anyway back to the update, Monday mommy had to work so me and daddy went shopping, saw Bizz Bizz and then when mommy came home we all went to see nanny and we spent the evening there before leaving for home. Tuesday I decided I would be a tattooist and tattoo daddys arms, both of them hehe and we went shopping again. Sometimes we don't even buy anything but it is nice to just get out of…

Peace and Quiet

Good Afternoon Struggling parents,

Getting some peace and quiet whilst running around cleaning, changing nappies, dressing your little one, cooking for everyone and just generally being a parent is very very difficult.

One easy way of getting some rest is to do all of your cleaning first thing in the morning that way it's done and you can spend more time tiring out your Struggler. My routine consists of, first thing when Rosalea wakes up Liam puts on the TV and I change her nappie and sit her in the high chair and give her cereal and toast (with her bottle of milk of course) then Peppa Pig goes on.

Once she is finished she gets out of her hair chair (which does get really annoying but she's learning and it's great to see her to do that) I dress her and we run around and play which means eventually she will tire herself out, she will start rubbing her eyes and she will pick up little Rosalea and her blanket and walk over to me for cuddles. I give her a few cuddles and then …

Promise kept :)

Helloooo Strugglers,

I told you I would blog today, aren't you lucky people.

Starting off a new post is so difficult maybe I should start talking about this little white patch on the laptop screen, like I've tried rubbing it off but it's not moving... I think I have messed up mommys laptop oops. Anyway back to the update, Monday I drove to nannys in a Jeep. Oookay it wasn't a real Jeep but still it was so much fun especially pressing the button so it went "Beep Beep!", by the time I got to nannys I was really tired but I didn't want to go to sleep so mommy and nanny took me to the shops and that is when I fell asleep. Obviously I woke up later and carried on playing but I always play so nothing new there.

Tuesday we went shopping, and the most amazing thing ever daddy proposed to mommy! It was the cutest thing ever and clearly she said yes, then we ate. I love food. Imagine all of the food at the wedding I can smell it all now, mmmm chocolate cake.

That w…

Snuffle Babe

Hello people with little Strugglers,

Today I will talking about the dreaded Common Cold. It is one of the things that we parents dread but this is why I stock up on all of the necessary medication for example Benylins childrens cough medicine and the most important one Snuffle Babe Vapour Rub.

I would be lost without Snuffle Babe. It is the best contraption someone has come up with, Ever since I reached the age to use Vicks Vapour rub my mom always put it on me and it cleared up my chest so well. It was my mom who actually recommended Snuffle Babe to me when Rosalea came down with a cold when she was 4 months old, the age in which babies can have Snuggle Babe Vapour Rub is 3 months. I thought that when Rosalea came down with a cold and chesty cough that there was nothing I could do apart from give her Calpol and cough medicine but as soon as I put the Vapour rub on Rosalea it worked straight away pretty much I mean she slept like a log, It was probably the most peaceful sleep I have e…


Helllooo Strugglers,

I offer my sincerest apologies because I have not posted in a while this is because since Easter I have been very busy.

Easter Sunday we took my Uncle Patrick home with me he stayed for ages, we went shopping, went on looooong walks and I really mean long like we walked for over 2 hours one day and the next day we had to be up early to go to Wolverhampton so we were both very tired. The day we spent in Wolverhampton we were meant to be viewing houses but mommy got a new job close to home so we are staying yaaaay!. Instead we visited one of daddys friends who has a baby girl and then we visited mommys friend Sean who goes to University there and we had a lovely meal with him. When me and Patrick was at mine we ate loads of Easter eggs, made Easter bunny masks and danced a lot, it was so much fun that by the time In  The Night Garden came on I was already asleep.

Patrick ended up staying up until Thursday so we took him home to nanny, Friday we all went to the shops…

Busy Bee

Hellooo Strugglers,

Well let's get right to it because this week has been so busy.

Tuesday mommy took me to town, we went to collect my photos. I looked A-MAZING! I posed so well considering all I did really was get on a chair and then get off because I wanted more toys but the photo turned out great. Once mommy got the photo we went all the way back to where home is because there is a photo ship near us which prints off photos and frames them so mommy printed one off and had it framed. Then we went to my nannys house which is far to give nanny the photo. It is safe to say I went straight to bed when I got home.

Thursday I went to see my best friend Lexi. We played with all of her toys until she had to go for a nap. While she was napping her mommy Tillie made me dinner, I had chicken dippers and noodles. I loved the noodles they were the best part but I think the floor liked them as well because when mommy went to bring the plate into Tillie she had to pick loads up off the floor.…

No Egg Cake!

So today Rosalea and I baked a cake, but instead of using eggs we used apple sauce and golden syrup.

To make the cake quicker we used a cake mix from Asda which was like something pence really not expensive at all. We do usually make our cakes with all of the flour, sugar and all that jazz but just to keep Rosalea quiet we used a quick mix. We put the 6 table spoons of water into the mix and then put in three table spoons of apple sauce and three tables spoons of golden syrup. You do not need to use golden syrup, we wanted to use it to make the cake sticky so it was crunchy around the edges and had a sticky middle.

We made up two cake tins which had two cake mixes in so one cake mix for one tin. I put them in the oven at 200 degrees Fahrenheit and baked them for 15-18 minutes. Once they were done I took them out straight away, sorted three bowls out, smashed up the cake (trust me) and shared out the smashed cake. I then made up some custard from a trifle mix box, poured it over and sp…


Over time children develop their own personalities, some get theirs quicker than others they just do it in their own time. Rosalea developed her personality quite quick mainly because she was brought up for the first year of her life around my younger siblings..

Rosaleas uncle is a very hyperactive child, he does Tae-Kwon-Do twice a week and Football once a week. He runs around so much not even Mo Farah cold keep up with him. Anyway because my brother and sisters are childish and enthusiastic around her she has picked up on that and made her own personality with it. She is also childish and enthusiastic but she is very stubborn and she doesn't get that from my siblings, well maybe a bit,

You have to let your child or any child have enough room to develop their personality. If they want loads of cuddles give them loads of cuddles for example Rosalea always used to fidget when she was a baby and if I try to cuddle her now when she's busy making a mess of the place we end up tum…


Hellooo strugglers,

How is everybody on this slow Sunday morning. I am great yeah I may have had a temper tantrum this morning because I wanted to get out of my cot and have juice not water but mommy is a meanie and not changing the water to juice. She keeps tricking me as well by going "Do you want some juice?" and i obviously say "Yeah!" and then I drink some and it turns out it is not juice like I have been deceived by my own mother.

Anyway back to the update. Monday and Tuesday I can't really remember I know we went shopping because that's what we always do; we always get our bread and milk and then mommy buys me a chocolate bar and then the nice shop man and Biz Biz give me a lollipop, Mommy doesn't like it when I have I have lollipops because I get all sticky icky and she has this thing called OCD so she freaks out and whacks out the baby wipes and rushes around trying to clean me up whilst I run away.

Wednesday I went to my photo shoot, the photo…

Out and about

Helloooo Strugglers,

I am sorry I have not posted about my week on Sunday. Due to technical issues like our internet going off I could not post. Anyway I am back now so sit back, relax and read.

As you all know I am a toddler therefore I do toddler things like have a crying fit when I can't find my dummy or run and scream so much that people think I've had too much coco pops. It's not my fault, they are so delicious. Anyhow back to my week.

Mommy bought me some reins at first I quietly stood around so she could put them on me. I was a bit scared when leaving though so I still held mommys hand until she said "Go on you can walk for a bit now" so I let go of her hand and walked real close to her... until I saw a puddle and jumped in it, I am a proud Peppa Pig wannabe. Me and mommy walked to Aunty Ki's house to see her new baba, he's so cute I walk around trying to help Aunty Ki by giving him teddies and passing her a nappy and then when he goes beddy byes I…

Temper Tantrums

Being a parent is never easy, in fact to be quite honest it is a challenge but it is a challenge women face all the time, everyday, 24/7. Be thankful for the time that your child spends as a baby, once they realise that they can run, talk, grab things, jump and climb they turn evil. One minute your child can be all cute and want cuddles and kisses the next they can be screaming in your face and trying to kick what little life you have left in you out. Rosalea has heard the word 'no' so many times that now when we say 'no' she says it back and smiles, the smile always makes us crumble but this is where the stubbornness comes in.

As a parent you need to be stubborn. Your child can have temper tantrums every single day if they choose to this is the time to stay strong, you went through labour you can do this.

As soon as the tantrum starts ask address it, your child knows what they want so ask them what they would like. Sometimes they will point to what they want, try to s…

Who am I?


My name is Rosalea, Rose-a-Lee not Rose-a-Leah just plain and simple Rosalea. Don't get me wrong I love my name, it suits me; like I am cute and so is my name but I will now live life like this;
Teacher: Rosaleah?  Me: It's Rosalea not Leah
Having to correct my own name to people is probably going to get on my nerves just as much as when the Swashbucklers do not win against Captain Sinker. #Devastating. I am a 1 year old and even I know where the jewels are being hidden, when the Swashbucklers do win I secretly pray Captain Sinker has to go in ships mess.  
Sorry, went off subject. I have a very short attention span.
When I am at home I watch TV, play with my toys, hug little Rosalea (My teddy) and chase the cat. I love chasing the cat, when I see the cat I tend to scream (really loud) and charge at it; sometimes she runs away and other times she just lies there so I go and stroke her. When I'm meant to be sleeping the cat comes over to my bed and starts taking my blanke…