Monday, 10 April 2017

What is Endometriosis?

Last year a family member of mine became really ill, it wasn’t until later on that she was diagnosed with Endometriosis. Fortunately she has had an operation to remove what they could but it is a permanent condition that may even affect her chances of conceiving. So, in March she planned a charity event to raise awareness about Endometriosis as a lot of people do not know what it is until it affects someone they know. She has managed to raise quite a bit of money which will go towards research and hopefully some day finding a cure.

This post is to also raise awareness as until the charity event I still didn’t even know what it was.

Endometriosis is a natural condition that occurs when cells, like the ones that line the womb (endometrium) are found elsewhere in the body. They are generally found on that Ovaries & Fallopian Tubes, the Pelvic Peritoneum (lining of the inside of the abdomen), Bladder and Bowel.

This condition is a long lasting condition that is estimated to affect around 2 million women in the UK, one in every ten. Although it is difficult to diagnose it is typically diagnosed between the ages of 25 and 40. It is rare to occur in women who have hit menopause.

At the end of a woman’s menstrual cycle hormones cause the lining of the womb to break down and bleed this is then discharged as a period. Cells that grow outside of the womb (Endometriosis) will also break apart and bleed. Unfortunately the blood will have nowhere to go; this eternal bleeding can lead to inflammation, irritation, pain and scar formation.

There is no known cause of Endometriosis only theories. Some women will have a mild form while others might experience heavy periods, extreme pain and may have difficulty conceiving.
Symptoms can vary significantly from person to person, and some women have no symptoms at all. The severity of the symptoms depends on where in your body the abnormal tissue is, rather than the amount of tissue you have. A small amount could be more painful than a large amount.
The most common symptoms of endometriosis are:

Diagnosing Endometriosis can be difficult because the symptoms can vary and many other conditions can have the same symptoms. If you have symptoms of Endometriosis go and see your GP. They may refer you to a Gynaecologist who will ask you about your symptoms, periods ad possibly your sexual activity.
Endometriosis can only be confirmed with a surgical examination called a laparoscopy. This is carried out under general anaesthetic and you can usually go home the same day.
A thin tube with a light on the end (laparoscope) will be passed into your body through a small cut in your skin at your belly button. It has a tiny camera that transmits images to a video monitor so the specialist can see any endometriosis tissue.
During the procedure, a small sample of tissue (biopsy) can be taken for laboratory testing, or other surgical instruments can be inserted to treat the endometriosis. 
In severe cases (like my cousins) you may end up having open surgery in which they either reconstruct your ovaries or remove them as laparoscopy is usually for smaller cases. Laparoscopy is the surgery that most common but it isn’t always doable so that’s when they opt for the open surgery.
There is currently no known cure for Endometriosis. Pain killers and hormone medication can help with the symptoms which will prevent the condition from interfering with your daily life. Patches of Endometriosis tissue can sometimes be surgically removed to improve symptoms and fertility.
There are organisations who can offer support and advice to help you cope with Endometriosis if you want their help; Endometriosis SHE Trust UK and Endometriosis UK.
If you would like to read more about her story or even donate to the cause please click on this link.

Thank you for taking time out of your busy lives to read this I really appreciate it. Hopefully we can raise more awareness. Farewell,

Mwah x 

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Tuesday, 4 April 2017

How I deal with arguments/tantrums

Hello parents and guardians of Strugglers,

The last time I wrote about Temper Tantrums Rosalea was 1, it’s been a year and a half since then and oh my life how these tantrums change. At first I thought it wasn’t that bad when all she did was cry and point to what she wanted or point to what hurt her but now she talks… a lot. She also screams… a lot.

Yes I know Rosalea is only two years old but we argue all of the time. I’ll tell her to tidy away her toys, she’ll say no, I’ll say yes otherwise she goes to bed, she screams in my face, I scream in hers proving that I can scream louder and that goes on for about 15 minutes until eventually she starts picking up toys and throwing them angrily into her toy box. The joys. Either way she eventually does it though. We always bicker about stupid little things and have the “yes, no” argument at least once a day. To be fair I love it. I like seeing her try and attempt to stand up to me it is really cute and funny. We also have play arguments where I tell her she smells and she tells me I smell and we carry it on from there.

When Rosalea doesn’t get what she wants she tends to think she is allowed to have a temper tantrum and start acting out. She tries to hit me, throw things at me, scream at me, yell at me and even pinch me. When she goes to hit I just stop her and hold her until she gives up then she goes and gets a toy and throws it at me which I catch and then put into behind the chair so she never gets it again until she starts acting better. When she tries pinching me I tell her she is going to bed and end up having to drag her upstairs to her room where she falls asleep. I do all of this silently and with no emotion showing at all even if her face looks funny when she gets angry, which it does like she goes bright red and starts growling, however if you don’t show any emotion and just stare at them sternly they soon back away because they know if they do one more thing wrong you will blow up and that’s what happens, Rosalea always goes that one step further and ends up either in her bedroom crying or standing in the corner crying.

I know as soon as she tries pinching me she is very tired so needs a nap and it works you just have to figure out what the breaking point is for your child when they are tired. Every child has a breaking point when they are too tired so act out too much for Rosalea it is trying to pinch, for others it may lying on the floor kicking and screaming, it could be your child purposely hitting their head off a wall (I know some kids go through that phase) or it could just be your child hitting and punching and screaming and whatever they pick up like throwing a toy across the room crying at it. There are many breaking points for children, they tend to over react to every little thing as well so try not to get overreaction and the breaking points mixed up otherwise you’ll never let your child leave their bedroom if you always think they are just tired. For example Rosalea runs away and starts crying when she sees a little piece of hair on the floor because she thinks it’s a spider, she then won’t let go of me until I pick up the hair and throw it away or pretend to tread on it. That’s an overreaction to something small but I know that she isn’t tired.

If when she has a tantrum she decides to yell and scream, I let her. No noise complaint can be made about a child screaming when they are being bratty. If I have told her to tidy up and she screams at me then I scream back and we make a joke about it but she still ends up doing as I said (most of the time, she’s still a child who likes to push boundaries remember) but when she is being bratty and just randomly decides to scream I just sit there and say nothing. It’s easier to keep yourself calm if you sit there quietly. Scientists believe that breathing calmly in and out in stressful situations helps keep you calm; from experience I can say that these scientists might need to rethink that. Although it may help a bit, thinking about food or thinking about how long you have left before they go to bed helps a lot more because they all have to go to bed at some point so thinking about that and what you will do while they’re asleep like have a bath with a few candles and eating chocolate and making yourself a dinner that no one can steal bits off you helps a lot more than just breathing.
Some may think if  you say nothing it looks like to the child that they can get away with things, sometimes it does but it’s better to keep yourself calm than lose your head with your child who knows no better. Having a naughty step or a naughty corner helps and I know people will disagree but it helps with Rosalea. It also helps being stubborn so when you say if they don’t stop messing they’re going to bed and they carry on then you put them to bed. If they leave the room you put them back in and stand by the door like a body guard until they come out again, your posture is key. If they see you arms folded, frowning with cold eyes they’ll either back away and shut the door themselves or apologise and once they’ve apologised just calm your posture and give them a hug and tell them its okay. Children know when they are being naughty and they know when you’re serious, Rosalea knows when I am silent I am serious, eventually she stops crying and comes over to me and apologises by herself and we sit on the sofa together, cuddling and watch CBeebies.

Silence works with Rosalea you just have to figure out what works with your child but I would advise against shouting too much because you can scare your child and children remember everything and change their ways based on how they get treated.

They’re smarter than they get credit for.

Well thank you for reading I hope this helps a little and gives you an insight into how I deal with Rosalea when she is being naughty and helps you to realise that we are all in the same boat here, you’re not alone.

Farewell for now,

Mwah x. 

Sunday, 2 April 2017

March, the month of madness

Helloooo Strugglers,

Right again sorry for slow update it's just a recurring thing with me that sometimes you might have to get used to; I lead a very busy life always running around after Ebony and throwing toys, mommy is also very busy and very tired a lot as well but that's what you get when you have a baby in your belly (I'm still not happy about it, I don't want to share my toys... oh my gosh what will I do if I have to share my bedroom :'( Oh no I can't cope right now, I need a bottle of milk to calm me down).

Let's stop talking about baby and get onto me now seeing as this is my blog and it's about me, Princess Rosalea. So pretty much you've missed about a month of my life you poor souls so we shall see if I can fit it all into this post. If not I'll just write two :D we shall see.

The beginning of March mommy was quite stressed shall we say so she decided to treat me and her to a meal but to be fair I don't think it calmed her down seeing as I kept running around and when my food came I wouldn't sit down and carried on playing in the kids area. Mommy came back to get me about three times until she got that annoyed she trapped me in a high chair. I have not been in a high chair since I was like 1 years old but now I am 2 so I really didn't feel like a big girl when she did that. I refused to eat then but as soon as my pudding came I ate that and I ate some of mommys when she wasn't looking.

Every Friday now we stay at nannies so we get to see everybody. I like going down to nannies because I get spoilt hehe. To make the days better it's also been sunny, we rarely get good weather here but when we do it's best to make the most of it so what me and mommy did was have a few picnics in the garden and played with my toys in the garden, we went to feed the duckies but the nasty geese chased us and stole the bread off the duckies but to be fair I didn't really care about the duckies whist I was running for my life away from these massive geese who kept honking at us like it wasn't even a nice quake they just like squawked at us.

Two days in the same week we went to Tillie's to see her and the kids :D I love seeing them all although me and Lexi fight and argue but we're still friends so we resolve the matter by forgetting about what we was arguing about in the first place. The one day we went down Tillie put baby Kayla to bed and mommy took me and Lexi to McDonald's and what did Tillie decide to do with the time she had away from us?


She tidied up, I will never understand adults. Anyway once we got back it was about time to pick up Kyle from school so mommy stayed with Lexi,Kayla and I and then we played hide and seek and Kyle walked in :D we played with Kyle and then we got tired so we relaxed on the chair together and then I went home :(. We did however go back a few days later to give Kyle his belated birthday present and had fun with snapchat filters.

At nursery I made mommy a mothers day card and a biscuit but unfortunately due to unforeseen circumstances mommy never got her biscuit but I can reassure you it went to a happier place hehe; it was my tummy.

On the 25th of March I went to a family members Endometriosis charity event because March is the month of awareness for Endometriosis, I didn't know that until I was told I also didn't know what Endometriosis was until she told us about it all. It was really fun there like there was a lot of cakes and stalls but mommy never won the raffle which she was gutted about but tough luck haha. The day after was Mother's Day! I loved Mother's Day although it seemed to be mommy and nanny who got presents, I had to give mommy presents as well but I use one of them which was a Peppa Pig apron and a cooking glove because I like cooking with mommy. We also went for a Chinese and you could go up and get food as many times as you want, I had about three bowls of jelly with other bits of pudding but I did eat a few chips and a chicken ball.

For like over a week now I've been poorly, fortunately mommy thinks I am well enough for nursery tomorrow but while I've been off sick mommy has looked after me. Last night we had date night so I got to stay up a bit later than usual because we watched Rango together after our food. I love my date nights with mommy.

So I think that it is finally, thank you for reading. Farewell for now :),

Mwah x.

Friday, 17 March 2017

Sea life centre, parties, nanny, changes

Helloooo Strugglers,

First of all I would like to say Thank You for 1000 views I know we have been doing this for a while but with multiple breaks from blogging and stress for mommy and people being being ill it's still a major milestone for us and we appreciate this immensely.

I am truly sorry for the lack of posts mommy has not been well for the past few months and she has had a lot of stress and when I mean a lot I mean heaps and heaps of stress but she's a trooper haha us Byrnes always are.

Right where shall we start... OOOOHHH I know!

I went to see all of the fishes! There was fishes, penguins, sea horses, more fishes and Sharks rraaaawwwrrr. They weren't big sharks just baby little ones really, I wish there was big sharks but I don't think Birmingham's sea life centre will ever have them. Me and mommy had a photo taken together and I held up a sign which says "Chill out" it was cool. O.M.G we saw a really old, endangered, massive turtle! He was so pretty and so elegant like why do such precious animals have to be endangered for I love animals and animals love me, I think, I hope, well most do anyway... either way I love them all the same. We went for food afterwards then we went home where I fell asleep.

Have you guys seen the new Costa advert? "Roast these bad boys" hahaha I love it, I don't love coffee but I love the advert about coffee haha. I prefer a nice cuppa, yes I am a toddler who drinks tea don't hate, appreciate.

I saw my friends a few times although they live on the other side of town but it was worth it especially at the birthday party, I went as Minnie mouse. On the same day I went to my friends party we also went to Mommy's friends party on the night time. It is safe to say I was pretty tired but the tiredness was so worth it.

We stay at nannies a lot now like every week, I think it helps mommy out a lot because she can sit there with her sisters while I'm in bed and rest for the night. My aunts and Uncle P all decorated my bedroom for me its pretty and pink now. Mommy has been treating me when she can like we went for a meal the other day, I was being a brat but that's what I am like anyway, I still ate my pudding though.

Anyway that has been my past few months narrowed down into a few words, wait did I forget to tell you? I think I did you know oh well I'll tell you now. I am going to be a big sister... yeah I am not pleased either I don't like sharing, hopefully the baby will stay in Mommy's belly forever then I don't have to share.

Farewell for now Strugglers,

Mwah x

Sunday, 1 January 2017

I'm the New Years Grinch

Hello, parents/guardians of little Strugglers,

So yes it’s the new year and honestly it has not impacted on me what-so-ever I literally went to bed at half 9 last night because the year changing is just as normal as the day changing.

Many people use the New Year as a means of getting wasted even though half of them do the same every weekend anyway. I think on New Years fun can get out of hand. Fights, arguments, stupid accidents and the famous one of the lot the aftermath of self pity; self pity is never a good look on you especially when you’re slurring your problems all over a stranger and end up passed out in a pool of your own vomit.

Don’t get me wrong if was allowed to drink I would have but I like to think I would tried to pace myself, I have no issues to drink away at the moment, my sisters birthday party on the other hand was a different story. I had just been cheated on so the day her birthday party arrived I was looking to get hammered to forget it all even though it was my birthday the day after; my plan didn’t go well, actually it did like I did get hammered but the morning after I totally regret. I woke up and threw up and all I could hear was my mom ask Rosalea (who climbed out of her travel cot and walked upstairs by herself) where I was and I yelled up that I was throwing up in the toilet #pretty.

Anyway back to my point of New Years being an excuse to get hammered, I admit you get the ones who completely enjoy themselves and only wake up with a hangover and not with bruises or a vagina full of a strangers sperm but living in Birmingham the percentage of people who end up unscathed is pretty low.

I know I sound like I’m just The Grinch for New Years but I just don’t think it’s anything special, all that has really happened is a 6 turned into a 7. That literally happens everyday in a Math class when you add one it’s really nothing to get happy over and I’m not being funny but every year that comes around turns out worse than the last. Yes we had a lot of death last year and hopefully that will change this year but we will end up with something as equally bad or worse that’s just the way the world seems to be going.

I love Christmas though, Valentines Day (even though you should your partner you love them everyday), Saint Patrick’s Day, Easter, Saint Georges Day and birthdays those are the days you see how much everyone cares for each other and how patriotic they are but New Years is really nothing special I would rather cook a meal for my family and cuddle up on the sofa watching TV like every other day.

I also hate fireworks, they wake up Rosalea.

Sorry for this rant but I jut had to let it all out and hopefully half of you can see my point and again I know this isn’t a hack but I’m thinking of changing the page title anyway but there will still be hacks in my posts that I put up.

Farewell for now. 

Mwah x.

Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Christmas! Vanoss! Toys!

Helloooo Strugglers,

Soooo it happened… Christmas happened! It did, it really did I can not believe it’s over already. #Sosad 

Christmas is a time to be around chocolate hehe just like Easter but a bit less expensive. Like Christmas chocolate is always a little less expensive than Easter and what’s even better is when Christmas is over and you can get chocolate reindeers for 25p.

Right now I am sitting here watching Vanoss’ new video, I do love my funny gaming videos they cheer me up especially when I’m stressing mommy out so she just sits there and puts Vanoss on to calm me and herself down because she loves his videos too but we do not discriminate as we love all of their videos including Wildcat, Mini Ladd and Lui Calibre like oh my gosh I love it when he uses his voice changing thingy and he sounds like a child because I can totally relate to him you know.

Anyway this week we just spent our Christmas at home, mommy made us a full English after opening our presents and then we played with my toys while watching all of the Christmas movies which were on TV like Despicable me 2 and 101 Dalmatians. We then had our lovely Christmas dinner and on my life the roast potatoes were the best roasts ever I am drooling just thinking about them.

Boxing Day we didn’t do much we just played with all of my toys again and my dollies helped mommy, Tom and I colour in my new colouring book. Mommy and Tom bought me a Frozen door canopy and a bed canopy so now I’m a true Princess.

Anyway Strugglers I hope you had a magical Christmas and stay tuned for the big news but when will it come... you’ll just have to wait and find out. Muhahaha hehe.

Farewell Strugglers, 

Mwah x.

Thursday, 22 December 2016

It's nearly Christmas!

Helloooo Strugglers,

Only a few days left until Christmas!!! Who is excited?! I know I am I literally can not wait. The favourite time of Christmas is opening my new pyjamas on Christmas Eve and then putting the milk and cookies out for Santa oh and I also like waking up in the morning and spending all of Christmas Day in my pyjamas. #Cosy

Oh my gosh right the other day me and Tom was playing hide and seek and I found the best hiding place ever! Tom couldn’t find me hehe until he said “Rosalea where are you?” and I said “HERE! Hi!”. It was so fun.

We have nearly finished our Christmas shopping all we need to get now is nanny another present and mommies friend Sophie a few more presents. We also need to get a cake for Christmas day for after our dinner.

Imagine the post on Christmas Day like if I’m excited now wait until Christmas day! HO, HO, HO.

Currently at this moment in time I have decided to have a full blown temper tantrum in my room, all I’m doing is crying and screaming because its bed time even though mommy has put Frozen on for me. Do you think its annoying her? I think it is because I am not going to stop crying until I get overpowered. I bet mommy hopes I’ll lose my voice.

Anyway I think I might have to go because my throat is kind of hurting from all the crying so Goodnight and Farewell.

Mwah x.